FranchiBow Die Small size 3.5"

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This beautiful bow can be used in 2 ways - please see the pictures.

Die comes with instructions therefore if its not clear to you do not hesitate to contact me on Insta or FB page.

Bow Measure: 3.5"

Copyright protected 2017- The bow shape is registered and has a copyright! You MUST NOT sell templates from this die and/or sell die cuts! You MUST not manipulate this

WARNING : Double sided fabrics used on dies:

Hello, just to give you advice when using double sided fabric please use thinner cutting pads as it can and will damage the dies eventually.
Fabrics that are double sided are too thick for Sizzix original pads!
You can get some on ebay ( please ask seller for thickness before you buy as they should be narrower at least 1mm each pad )

Just beware that if the die is damaged by abuse and misuse of it we will not be responsible for any replacements.

Replacements will only be if there is a manufacturer error.

Please keep in mind that we will need pictures for this and the manufacturers will then determine if its faulty or if it was damaged by the user. Trust me they know
when this happens..

!! The dies are compatible only with Sizzix Machines if you use any other machine its your own responsibility if the die is damaged !!

Please take care of your dies...


❌ cut more than one piece of fabric at the time

❌ leave your die sandwiched in the die machine

❌ force a die through the die machine